4 Ways to Make Money from Niche Blog (Without Adsense)

Google Adsense is just one way of making money which is most times measly unless you work hard in getting serious traffic. There are other ways to make money. I found some best alternative ways to make money from niche blog. So, In this post, we will see about 4 great ways to make money from niche blog without google Adsense.


4 Ways to Make Money from Niche Blog (Without Adsense)

4 Ways to Make Money from Niche Blog without Adsense

4 Ways to Make Money from Niche Blog without Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

I think you noticed that My blog doesn’t have any advertisement from Google Adsense or other advertising networks. Many friends asked me, How can you make more money without using Google Adsense or other advertising networks. I have only one answer, Affiliate Marketing.

We will get a huge commission if someone bought a product using our affiliate link. There are several products that you can promote it on your niche blog and make huge money.

If you’re running a niche blog related to dog training or something like that, you can go to Amazon.com and find a paid training manual from it and promote it on your niche blog.

Some other options are If you have an event based niche blog you can find a physical product like Keychain, mugs…etc related to the event. It is very easy to get one product from online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon…etc.

Here are some other affiliate networks that you can find many products related to your niche:

CJ Affiliate

CPA Marketing


I think you’ll be attracted to this method than affiliate marketing. In CPA Marketing, you’ll get paid if someone signs up for a program or complete a survey. Read my Beginner’s guide to CPA Marketing.

CPA is the short form of ‘Cost Per Action‘. Simply saying, CPA means you can earn when someone clicked on your CPA referral link and completes an action. The most popular actions are Provide Email Address, Giving Personal Details, Filling out a form or survey, signing up for a free trail, Providing Credit Card Details, Downloading a file and Much More…

So, You want to join a CPA Network and choose the best offer for it. Then you can promote that offer on your site. You can earn 1$ to 50$ per action.



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Sell Your Own Products

This is the best way to make a huge profit from niche blogs. You can make products related to your niche like eBooks, Online Courses, Membership site, Forum…etc.

But, This is not an easy task like I mentioned above. You want to work hard to make a paid product and you should convince your readers to buy your product.

Direct Advertisements or Paid Posts

Direct Ads or Paid Posts are another easy way to make a huge profit from your niche blog. If you have a well quality niche blog that has huge traffic and huge no.of potential readers, You can contact advertisers by showing the stats of your blog.
Companies will contact you directly if they find your niche blog on Google Search. So, you want to create an advertise here a page or place ad spots on your blog to attract advertisers.


In this post, you have seen how to make money with a niche blog.  Follow these simple to make money online.

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