How to save time: 4 Quick Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

Managing a blog is a lot of fun. Experimenting with plugins, themes, checking comments etc. are not bad but take a lot of time. In this post, I will discuss how you can save time spent on administrative tasks. Yes, let us see 4 Quick Time Saving Tips for Bloggers.

4 Quick Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

4 Quick Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

4 Quick Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

Write A FAQ Page

If you get asked by some things repeatedly, it is best to make a FAQ page especially for these. For example, one thing I have been asked again and again is the plugin that we use to display commentator’s latest post. So, I built a FAQ page and also a credits page to give all the plugin authors credit that works hard to develop quality plugins for free.

Tell That You Can’t Reply To Every Mail

It is hard to reply to every mail you get. If you find yourself more busy with things like replying to emails, mention on contact form that you can’t reply to every mail and ensure that their mail will be read.


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Embed Subscription Forms In Your Posts

Adding code every time to a post can take a lot of time but then, subscription forms are also important to get readers. So, take some time and either add a plugin to add forms automatically after every post or just add it inside theme!

Find The “Real” Core Activities

Finding activities that really work can take some time but it will surely be worth the time.

There’s a big difference between “real” and normal core activities. For example, a core activity is “writing content” while a “real” core activity is to write the content that works for your blog. If list posts are liked more by your readers, it is best to spend time on writing list posts than tutorials.

What techniques do you use to save time? Do let us know via comments!

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