Blogging Motivation: 9 Easy Steps to Get Started in 2024

Every blogger experiences the loss of blogging motivation at times.

Here are the 9 easy steps to get you started.

Blogging Motivation: 9 Easy Steps to Get Started

Blogging Motivation
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Blogging Motivation

It starts with procrastination.

Enthusiasm drains. Post frequency decreases. The motivation you once had is gone.

You stare at the blank page, hands poised over the keyboard, and wonder if it all even matters. You’ve lost sight of the goals and dreams you once had for your blog and begin to wonder whether or not your blog is even worth it.

Then you question your credibility.

Questions roll through your head, making your shoulders slump and your head downturn.

Can I really call myself a blogger?

How can I possibly compete with my competition? Why should anyone listen to me?

You pause, hesitating slightly.

If you stop blogging now, then what’s to become of your blog?

Is all of your hard work and effort to create a successful blog now wasted?

Motivation is a problem many writers face at some point in their blogging careers.

Myself included.

However, if there’s one thing that makes a successful blogger, it’s the ability not to give up.

But how can you keep at it if you don’t have an ounce of motivation left in you?

Lucky for you, there are many ways to increase your blogging motivation.

Set Easy-to-Achieve Goals

If you set goals that you know you can accomplish, you’ll feel more motivated to do each task.

Break complex tasks up into little bits or steps to make them easier to accomplish.

Determine the Post Frequency

Instead of posting multiple times a day, try to post once daily.

Or, if posting daily is too stressful for you, post every other day or 4 times a week.

Schedule your Blog Posts

By planning ahead, you don’t waste time every day thinking about topics to cover, and you can get right to work.

You’re more likely to procrastinate during the thinking process, so do the thinking ahead of time.

Work at your Productivity Peak

You’re at your productivity peak when you’re energized, focused, and motivated. So, for 5 to 7 days, record how energized you are.

When you’re more focused and how motivated you are to blog during the different hours of each day. Blog during these times, and you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish.

Do What you Enjoy

You won’t be motivated unless you enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re blogging about a topic that you don’t enjoy, either create a blog about something else or tweak the blog up a bit.

For example, I started my own blog with the mindset that I would just blog about general money topics.

However, that wasn’t working too well for me, so I changed it up and made the topic more specific and on something that I enjoyed and could talk easily about – making money through freelance writing.

Now I’m more motivated to blog and don’t mind posting to the blog regularly.

See How you’re progressing

Take a look at Google Analytics every now and then. If you have a certain income or readership goal, make a bar graph and fill it in as you progress. By seeing that you’re actually progressing, you’re more motivated to write.

Take Breaks

You can’t work non-stop and still maintain motivation.

Take breaks every now and then and you’ll feel more motivated once you’ve relaxed some.

Change Your Daily Routine

Change is good. The same old routine may bore you, so do something different.

For example, I was tired of my daily routine, so I started showering in the morning rather than at night and opening my office window blinds to let the sunlight in.

The change really brightened up my mood. Try taking a few minutes to think about how you can change your daily routine. Sometimes a little change is all you need to get moving.

Reward Yourself for your Hard Work

If you’ve completed an especially difficult task, reward yourself! Doing so will get you excited to complete the next task.


In this post, you have seen 9 blog motivation tips. It will take time to develop a good routine where you’ll be able to work day after day and still maintain motivation.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. If you need to take a break for a short while, then take it.

But don’t stop altogether. A successful blog was given a chance to grow. Won’t you give your blog that chance?

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