Dear Spammers, We Listen To You Too!

Hello Dear Spammers,

Today, I wanted to let you know that I am feeling terribly sorry.

While we reply to every published comment, regrettably we do not publish your comments. We don’t want to leave them at the mercy of Akismet! All your (or bot’s) hard work is wasted because of our approach.

Dear Spammers, We Listen To You Too!

Spammers Reply
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Spammers Reply

We should be and are terribly sorry for this! Who in the world we are to waste so much human/machine effort? So, I decided to take a look at our Akismet Quarantine and reply to some of your comments.

Your site is wonderful and the post is good I see that we can have more of this kind of post in the coming days, hope you can also visit my site.
– scrubbed off Tips for New Bloggers to succeed in blogging

Well, we already know that is wonderful. And also that the post was good. We hope you keep looking for articles like this and comment so that Akismet gets to do some work.

And by the way, I won’t be able to visit your site! I am not technologically advanced like you and have no clue about visiting a site! Let me know if you could enlighten me on this topic.

makes me want to drink alcoholic beverages
– scrubbed off  Blogging Tips you can get from Coffee.

Hats off to you. Instead of leaving a generic comment like a previous fool, you picked up a keyword in the headline and then used it to comment!

However, I’d suggest taking some I.Q. increasing pills(if you need the address, contact me, I have lots of addresses in Akismet Queue selling pills) because this post was related to blogging addiction.

And if the post really, really makes you want to drink alcoholic beverages, go on! We are not stopping you. At least alcohol will keep one spammer away from the internet.

Sorry for my silence. My computer time has been basically nil. [lots of links]
– scrubbed off Ways to Build Backlinks

Why are you back?

It would have been so good if your computer time had basically, practically, politically, <insert-anything-here>cally stayed nil.

Please, do whatever you were doing before to make it nill and if possible, join the above genius in drinking alcoholic beverages.

That would keep 2 spammers off the internet.

Wow, certainly a nice article. Where will I find your subscription? Whitney Karver –Latin female models
– scrubbed off Liquid Web Black Friday Discount.

Do you want a subscription? Well, there’s a form at the end of the post. I guess you should try looking at the Latin Female Models Website. That’s where our subscription form may be!

yeah, I just believed you may need to know that your weblog is messed up whenever you view it on my iPhone. I’m not positive if it’s something to complete with my phone’s browser or your website. just declaring… by Lida Kaufen

WOW! That’s very helpful for a spammer!

Thanks for notifying me. However, FYI, Bloggersword is not messed up.  And thanks for “just declaring!

Note to readers: If anyone can understand what the above person wants to say, please please please contact me.

I am still scratching my head on “messed up whenever you view it on my iPhone“. Did I meet this guy or what?

And the most hilarious one I found in the spam queue. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so:

OK, so that ends our replies. I hope you enjoyed these!

Do not forget to share some funny spam comments with us too!

It would be better if you take a screenshot and then use it in the comment as using spammy words will get your comment marked as spam and with present Akismet problems, we might not be able to rescue it!

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