Note: This page contains the Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals for 2023 which has been expired. For the current year, deals are yet to be released. It will be updated once we get the official announcement.

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals 2024: Save 50%πŸ”₯

Are you searching for LongTailPro Black Friday Deals?

Then you are in the right place.

For this year, LongTailPro Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals start on November 21, 2024, and run till December 03, 2024. You can grab 50% OFF on all plans.

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals
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LongTailPro Black Friday Deals

Save 50% on all plans.
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LongTailPro Black Friday DiscountπŸ”₯

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals
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LongTailPro Black Friday Sales

About LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that allows users to find profitable and low-competition keywords for their website or online business.

It was created by Spencer Haws, who is a well-known entrepreneur and blogger.

Long Tail Pro is designed to help users identify long-tail keywords, which are phrases that consist of three or more words and are more specific than generic keywords.

Long-tail keywords are often less competitive and have a higher conversion rate, making them an important part of any SEO strategy.

When Does LongTailPro Black Friday Deals Start?

It starts on November 21, 2024, and runs till December 03, 2024.

Grab the best deals on all these days.

LongTailPro Black Friday Offers

The following are the offer details applicable for all recurring payments on the selected plan:

Monthly Starter: $18.5 (Regular Price $37)
Monthly Pro: $33.5 (Regular Price $67)
Annual Starter: $148.5  (Regular Price $297)
Annual Pro: $268.5 (Regular Price $537)

How to grab LongTailPro Black Friday Deals?

Follow the steps below to activate LongTailPro Cyber Monday Deals and Black Friday Offers.

Step 1: Click on this unique link to activate the deal.

Step 2: Choose your preferred plan based on your needs.

Step 3: Fill in the details to create a new account.

Step 4: Enter the payment details to process the payment.

That’s all. You have successfully grabbed LongTailPro Black Friday Offers.

Best Features of LongTailPro

Let us see some of the best features of LongTailPro.

Keyword Research

LongTailPro allows users to enter a seed keyword or domain and generate hundreds or thousands of related long-tail keywords.

The tool provides data on search volume, keyword competition, and keyword profitability, so users can quickly identify keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Competitor Analysis

LongTailPro allows users to analyze their competitors’ websites and identify their top-ranking keywords.

Users can use this information to optimize their own website and content for those keywords.

Keyword Rank Tracking

LongTailPro tracks the ranking of users’ target keywords in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Users can monitor their keyword rankings over time and track their progress.

Domain Analysis

LongTailPro provides detailed information about the domain strength of any website, including its backlink profile, domain age, and social signals.

Users can use this information to assess the strength of their own website or their competitors’ websites.

Keyword Difficulty Score

LongTailPro assigns a keyword difficulty score to each keyword, which helps users assess how difficult it will be to rank for that keyword.

This score takes into account factors like keyword competition, search volume, and the strength of the top-ranking websites.

Customizable Filtering

LongTailPro allows users to filter and sort keywords based on their search volume, keyword competition, and other criteria.

This makes it easy to find the most profitable keywords for a particular niche or topic.

Pros and Cons of LongTailPro

Let us see the pros and cons of using LongTailPro.


  • Bulk Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score
  • 100% accurate


  • Cap on searching the keywords using seed keywords
  • Capping on the manual keyword is low.

LongTailPro Black Friday Offers

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals
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Save 50%

  • Starts on November 21, 2024
  • Ends on December 03, 2024

What is LongTailPro?

LongTailPro is one of the oldest and most profitable keyword research tools for bloggers and people making money online. It helps you find profitable keywords that are easy to rank.

Is Long Tail Pro offering any discount this Black Friday?

Yes, this Black Friday Long Tail Pro is offering a flat 50% discount on all its plans. That’s why it’s the best time to purchase this amazing SEO tool.

Is Long Tail Pro data accurate?

Yes, Long Tail Pro provides more accurate data as compared to other keyword research tools available in the market.

Is Long Tail Pro offers a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Long Tail Pro offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. It means you can try this awesome tool without any risk.

Do you recommend Longtail Pro?Β 

Yes, I highly recommend you use Long Tail Pro because it provides more accurate data. Even professional bloggers are using this tool for keyword research.

LongTailPro Black Friday Sales Conclusion

That’s all about LongTailPro Black Friday Discount.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that can help website owners and online businesses identify profitable and low-competition keywords, optimize their content for search engines, and improve their SEO performance.

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LongTailPro Black Friday Discount: Save 50%πŸ”₯
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I highly recommend you to use Long Tail Pro because it provides more accurate data. Even professional bloggers are using this tool for keyword research.

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