Note: This page contains the Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals for 2023 which has been expired. For the current year, deals are yet to be released. It will be updated once we get the official announcement.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deals 2024: Save 30%πŸ”₯

Are you searching for Perfmatters Black Friday Deals?

Then you are in the right place.

For this year, Perfmatters Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals start on November 25, 2024, and run till December 03, 2024. You can grab 30% OFF on all plans.

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Perfmatters Black Friday Deals

Save 30% on all plans.
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Perfmatters Black Friday DiscountπŸ”₯

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Perfmatters Black Friday Deals

About Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a WordPress plugin designed to help website owners improve the performance of their website by optimizing various aspects of their site’s code and functionality.

The plugin was developed by a team of performance optimization experts and focuses on delivering a lightweight, fast-loading solution that is easy to use.

The plugin offers several features that help optimize website performance, including disabling unnecessary WordPress features, reducing HTTP requests, and reducing CSS and JavaScript file sizes.

One of the key features of Perfmatters is the ability to disable unnecessary WordPress features that can slow down your site’s load time.

Perfmatters Black Friday Offers

Perfmatters pricing plan
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PlansOriginal PriceDiscount Offered
Business Plan$54.95/year30%
Unlimited Plan$124.95/year30%

How to grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deals?

Follow the steps below to activate Perfmatters Cyber Monday Deals and Black Friday Offers.

Step 1: Visit this special link to get to the deals page.

Step 2: Click on the pricing tab.

Step 3: Based on your requirement, choose a suitable plan.

Step 4: Fill in the details to create an account.

Step 5: Enter the card details and process the payment.

That’s all. You have grabbed the Perfmatters Black Friday Offers successfully.

Best Features of Perfmatters

Let us see some of the best features of the Perfmatters plugin.

Script Manager

The plugin provides a Script Manager that allows users to selectively disable scripts that are not needed on specific pages of their website, reducing the overall page load time.

Asset Manager

The Asset Manager feature allows users to defer the loading of specific assets, such as JavaScript and CSS files, until after the page has loaded, further improving page load times.

Database Optimization

Perfmatters includes a database optimization tool that helps users to clean up their WordPress database by removing unnecessary data, improving overall site performance.

Lazy Loading

The plugin includes a lazy loading feature that allows images and other media to load only when they become visible on the screen, reducing the amount of data that needs to be loaded on the initial page load.

DNS Prefetching

Perfmatters provides DNS Prefetching, which helps to speed up the page load times by resolving DNS queries in advance.

Heartbeat Control

The plugin allows users to control WordPress Heartbeat API frequency, which can reduce server load and improve overall site performance.

WooCommerce Optimization

Perfmatters includes a variety of features specifically designed to optimize WooCommerce, including disabling cart fragments, optimizing scripts and styles, and improving database performance.

Pros and Cons of Perfmatters

Let us see the pros and cons of the Perfmatters plugin.


  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Clean & Easy User Interface
  • CDN Rewrite
  • Lazy Loading
  • Host Google Font Locally
  • Host Analytics Code Locally
  • Script manager
  • Compatible with All Theme & Plugin
  • Preload Resources
  • Multisite Support in Highest Plan
  • Change Default WordPress Login URL
  • Direct Support from the Developer
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • And Much More


  • No lifetime Plan
  • Chat & Call Support Not Available

Perfmatters Black Friday Deals

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Save 30%

  • Starts on November 25, 2024
  • Ends on December 03, 2024

What is Perfmatters?

Perfmatters is a WordPress plugin designed to help website owners improve the performance of their website by optimizing various aspects of their site’s code and functionality.

Is there any free plan?

It is a premium plugin and does not have a free version.

Can I use it on custom build websites?

No. It supports only WordPress-based websites.


That’s all about Perfmatters Black Friday Sales.

Perfmatters plugin offers some unique features that cache plugins probably don’t have. One of the best things about using Perfmatters is that it works with any caching plugin.

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Perfmatters Black Friday Discount: Save 30%πŸ”₯
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Perfmatters is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps your website load quickly in less time.

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