4 Steps to Success: Finding The Topic That Will Make You Famous

Do you know which topic you can write about successfully? Have you ever started a blog only to find after some time that you were not really passionate? I have! It took me six months and five blogs to find the topic I was passionate about.

I wasted a lot of energy and time because I did not know the topic I was really passionate about. How can you avoid wasting time? Here are some useful tips to find the topic that will make you famous and successful.

4 Steps to Success: Finding The Topic That Will Make You Famous

4 Steps to Success - Finding The Topic That Will Make You Famous

4 Steps to Success – Finding The Topic That Will Make You Famous


Sit for 30 minutes and think what you like the most? Do you know the topic well? If yes, this may be (I am not saying ‘is’) your new topic. Also, have a clear goal in mind for your blog.


Do not create a new blog every time you have a new idea. There are many ideas but you can not blog about each of them. Wait for some time, go back to step 1 and ask yourself, “Do I really like this topic?”


After you have found the idea, take a notebook and write the first ten post titles and central ideas that come in your mind. Then analyze if these posts will really be useful or not? If you think you can continue writing on the topic, go ahead and create your blog. Keep it private for about a week and see the quality of posts you wrote. For example, my blog spent about 20 days as a private blog and in that time, we had 15 drafts ready! If you want to be more fool-proof, then ask some friends to read your posts and give you their honest opinions.


If you are not able to think of anything new or you have too many options, find something you want to do at ‘any cost.’ Do not look further. This is your topic that fits with your personal motivation and will make you famous. Take my example — I created all those blogs because I wanted to blog at any cost. After wasting a lot of time, I realized that Blogging was the topic I was passionate about. And now, here at onlinedecoded, I am doing just that and also learning a lot of new things.

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