How To Focus On Your Blog And Avoid Distractions in 4 Easy Steps?

Remaining focused is very difficult for anyone. For bloggers, it is even more difficult. We do most of our work (writing, promoting, etc.) online and there are a lot of things to distract her. Let us see how to focus on your blog and avoid distractions.

Let’s take an example. When you write, do you completely focus on your blog and the present post? Most people will say no. Why?

Because they will have multiple tabs open in their browser. They may be promoting their blog side by side, Tweeting, or interacting with a friend on some social media site.

Isn’t this the case with you? Why go far? As you read this, you have many tabs open! Right?

These may not seem like distractions but they do take your focus away from your blog. So, how can you focus just on your blog? Here are some tips:

How To Focus On Your Blog And Avoid Distractions in 4 Steps

How To Focus On Your Blog And Avoid Distractions
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How To Focus On Your Blog And Avoid Distractions

Close All Tabs

Keeping multiple tabs open distracts me a lot. Even a thing as little as a blinking tab (tabs indicate when they are done loading) can distract you.  So, when you are blogging, just close all other tabs.

If you have a fully loaded browser like Firefox with lots of add-ons, consider switching to a plain browser for writing.

Use Offline Editor

Using an offline editor to write posts is another good way to stay focused. If you disconnect when writing, it will be much better! Looking for an offline editor? Try BlogDesk.

Do Proper Homework

Before writing, do research and have a clear idea in your mind. Get any images you want for the post.

Do not hunt for images when you are writing as this also can distract you. Wait until the post is finished to find the perfect image.

Make Schedule

It is easy to get distracted if you do not have a plan in mind. If you make a schedule and set deadlines, you can easily increase your productivity and stay focused on blogging.

Final Words

That’s all about the 4 ways to focus on your blog and avoid distractions.

What techniques do you use to retain focus? Do tell us in the comments.

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