26 Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome in 2024

What’s the difference between “Good” and “Awesome”? Everyone can be good. That’s being part of the crowd. Losing your unique identity! But good people can stand out from the crowd. They are the ones we recognize and remember! In this post, you will see 26 Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome In 2024.

26 Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome

Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome
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Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome

Get A Redesign

Bored with the same old design? Well, how about a complete redesign? Pick up a great theme and go on to give your blog a fresh look.

I suggest MyThemeshop Themes which are fast and SEO friendly.

Do Not Set Goals

Goals can take more time than anything else and sometimes, even prevent you from doing something great. It might be better to just give up goals.

Write Freely

Following no goals, try to write a post without any goals. That will truly unleash your creativity.

When I started writing this post, I thought about “50 Ways” but I am setting myself free now. Let’s see how much I can do without the goal of 50!

Make New Blogging Buddies

Go out and make relationships. Make new friends. Friends who care about you and your blog.

Check: How to make good relationships with fellow bloggers

Learn To Find Opportunities

Like ideas, opportunities are everywhere. Learn to respond when an opportunity strikes your door.

Create Opportunities

Opportunities for guest posts don’t come to your door, you have to create them. Go out and create new opportunities.

Be Persistent

Learn how to be persistent and not give up on anything.

Blog Like A Kid

Why so serious? Become a kid again! Bring in that creativity.

Be An Angel

If you find a fellow blogger in need of help, be an angel for him, help! That will not only give you some satisfaction but also show in your writing and blog. Just do it once and see the effect.

Start Video Blogging

Videos engage readers. If you have not yet started video blogging, try posting a video or two and see the response.

SEO Your Posts

Yep, I am the same person that says that SEO is secondary. Still, you should not forget about the importance of search engines and after you have optimized for humans, take a look at SEO.

Write Long Posts

Do long posts look boring? Not when done correctly.

Write Awesome Comments

Quality comments can easily get a lot of traffic to your blog. However, the most important part is that they show your authority.

Next time, do not comment on other blogs just because you have to comment. Go on and write an awesome comment!

Build Momentum

Momentum is very important. In both Physics exams and in life. Learn to ride the momentum.

Enjoy Writing

What’s the use of forcing yourself to write something when you don’t want to? Learn To Enjoy Writing.

Do Not Be A Typical Blogger

Are you blogging just to pass time? Because you have nothing else to do? Then stop this right now. Do not be a typical blogger. Learn to love blogging.


Just satisfied with a teeny tiny bit of success?

Do not be satisfied.

Work hard, work smart, and do not just succeed, dominate!

Break The Rules

Why are you following the rules? Did someone ask you to?


Rules are meant to be broken.

and when they are broken at the right time, the result is awesome.

Say Thanks

Learn to say thanks to your readers. They are the ones who made you what you are. Without them you are nothing!

Say No

Being helpful is great but when you can’t help someone, learn to say no.

Be Credible

Being credible is important as a blogger. Learn the impact of credibility.

Turn Old Into New

Do not forget about your old posts. Learn to recycle the content. Turn Old Into New.

Do Not Settle For Normal

What is “normal” or “good”?

It is nothing but an excuse stopping you from achieving your goals?

Everyone writes “good” posts.

You have to write awesome to be the best!

Get The Basics Right

If the foundation is weak, nothing can save a building from collapsing. You need to get the basics of your blog right. Do not expect some new software or theme to improve your blog. Get the blogging basics right.

Follow A Strategy

Without a strategy, your blog will progress in many directions. It will be a role-playing game.

You want the best but you are not sure which way to go. So, you end up with a good archer, a good swordsman, and a good fighter. But you will not win the fights.

Because battles are won by the people following a strategy, a definite path. An awesome archer can beat your character, and so can an awesome swordsman and an awesome fighter.

Do not write whatever comes to your mind. Find an agenda, and a strategy, and follow it.

Be A Friend

Are you also a blogging expert?

Well, looks like 54% of bloggers consider themselves an expert!

But there’s a small problem with the word “expert”, at least in the beginning.

Expert gives a sense of someone above you.

And an expert is also someone who people will not contact thinking “He knows a lot! He will make fun of me for asking this small question.”

Do not be an expert. If you want to help your readers, be their friend.

What do you say?

Ready to be “awesome”?

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