Note: This page contains the Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals for 2023 which has been expired. For the current year, deals are yet to be released. It will be updated once we get the official announcement.

Linguix Black Friday Deals 2024: Save 50%πŸ”₯

Are you searching for Linguix Black Friday Deals?

Then you are in the right place.

For this year, Linguix Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals start on November 11, 2024, and run till December 03, 2024. You can grab 50% OFF on all plans.

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Linguix Black Friday Deals

Save 50% on the annual plan.
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Linguix Black Friday DiscountπŸ”₯

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Linguix Black Friday Deals

About Linguix

Linguix is ​​a software application that helps improve your writing skills.

It offers a word processor with a variety of features designed to make writing easier, faster, and more accurate.

For example, Linguix can check for grammatical and spelling errors, suggest alternative words and phrases, and provide other valuable feedback.

Additionally, Linguix provides many resources to help you improve your writing skills.

This includes a library of articles on topics such as grammar and style and a community of authors who can offer advice and support.

Whether you’re a college student looking to improve your essay grades or a business professional looking to communicate more effectively, Linguix can help you reach your goals.

Linguix Black Friday Offers

Discount Offered: 50%

Original Price: 96$

Deals start date: November 11, 2024

End Date: December 03, 2024

How to grab Linguix Black Friday Deals?

Follow the steps below to activate Linguix Cyber Monday Deals and Black Friday Discount.

Step 1: Visit this special link to get to the deals page.

Step 2: Click on the pricing tab.

Step 3: Based on your requirement, select a plan and click on the “Get Started” button.

Step 4: Fill in your details to create an account or sign up using your Google/Facebook account.

Step 5: Enter the card details and process the payment.

That’s all. You have grabbed the Linguix Black Friday Offers.

Best Features of Linguix

Let us see some of the best features of Linguix.

Grammar Checker

Linguix’s grammar checker is powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to give you instant feedback on your writing.

It offers real-time grammar, style, word-choice suggestions, and a personal dictionary where you can save your own custom words and phrases.


The paraphrase tool helps you paraphrase sentences in your own words. This is useful if you want to avoid plagiarism or improve the clarity of your writing.

Error Free Content

Linguix checks for grammar and spelling errors, suggests alternative words and phrases, and provides other valuable feedback.

This is very helpful for writers who want to create error-free content.

Saves Time

You can automate the proofreading process and can save a lot of time.

This means you can spend less time editing your work and more time writing.

Pros and Cons of Linguix

Let us see the pros and cons of using the Linguix Tool.


  • Linguix helps users identify and correct writing mistakes. This improves the overall quality and clarity of your text.
  • The tool also offers style and tone suggestions to help make your writing more engaging and effective
  • Linguix can be used in many situations. It’s more versatile for creating emails, reports, or blog posts.
  • Easy to use as it integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other writing platforms.


  • As Linguix is ​​an AI-powered tool, it may not always provide the most accurate suggestions or fixes. The user should always check the suggestions provided by the tool
  • Linguix is ​​a paid service and may not be suitable for users on a tight budget
  • It is recommended to manually read the text as well, as not all errors can be detected.

Linguix Black Friday Deals

  • Save

Save 50%

  • Starts on November 11, 2024
  • Ends on December 03, 2024

What is Linguix?

Linguix checks your text for errors and provides contextual grammar, punctuation, and style suggestions.

What is the difference between Free and PRO?

The Free plan is great to get started and scratch the surface of the powerful Linguix content quality management platform.

With PRO plan you get an unlimited AI writing toolkit for improving marketing and sales content. This means no usage-based limits, advanced writing recommendations for higher ROI and conversions as well as productivity features.

What is a Team Plan?

Team Plan allows you to onboard the whole your marketing team and collaborate on the content, while keeping an eye on performance and control your brand voice with shared shortcuts/canned responses and styleguides that include approved and banned terms.

What happens if I downgrade?

You will still be able to use your PRO benefits through the paid period. After that, your account will be switched to our free plan. No content will be lost or locked, you will use Linguix as before, but with some usage-based limitations.


That’s all about the Linguix Black Friday Offers.

Linguix is ​​a reliable and affordable writing assistant, a useful tool for writers of all levels.

It offers a variety of features that help you correct grammatical mistakes, improve your writing skills, and create error-free content.

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Linguix Black Friday Discount: Save 50%πŸ”₯
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Create great emails, articles, and social media posts with an AI-based typing assistant that edits as you type.

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